Hello, I’m Ellie!

I’m a front end web developer with a passion for design.


Hello there! My name is Elizabeth “Ellie” Solorio, my pronouns are she/her/ella. I’m a California-based front end developer working with Drupal, as well as a student of visual design. Some of my favorite things are coffee, music, reading tarot & oracle cards, and everything Disney. I love and live by the Walt Disney quote, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”  It is my firm belief that life is meant to be explored and experienced, so learning to build with code has been a manifestation of that curiosity and drive to keep creating.

I began my coding journey unknowingly back in the MySpace days (anyone else remember that?). I worked a wide range of jobs before I realized I loved to build with code. I began my self-directed learning with resources like freeCodeCamp, Udemy, and Skillcrush. In December 2020, I earned my certificate in Front End Web Development through UCSD Extension and San Diego Workforce Partnership’s Income Share Agreement program. I was also awarded a scholarship to attend the virtual Grace Hopper Celebration 2021 and 2022! I’m also a proud member of Women Who Code and #LatinaGeeks. I’m never done learning and am always looking for my next adventure.

Skills & Tools

A brief look at my skillset & tools.





A11y Compliance

Adobe Creative Cloud

Content Management


Work Projects

Simulated image of a computer screen with the window showing the website for Advanced Medicine Partners

Advanced Medicine Partners

Evoke Canale, 2023

As a secondary developer, building the Advanced Medicine Partners website was a great opportunity for me to collaborate on a quick-turnaround project. The fixed animation with the helix appears throughout and taught me how to work some serious SCSS wizardry to make those sections really pop.

Palizade Clinical Trial

Evoke Canale, 2023

As lead developer, the build for the Palizade Clinical Trial website was one of my favorites. The technical challenges were great learning experiences, and I was excited to see this launch. This fully responsive website features dynamic animations on this single-page long scroll and features a  floating button that follows along down the page on desktop.

Simulated image of a computer screen with the window showing the website for Palizade Clinical Trial

Iris Medicine

Evoke Canale, 2022

Although the site never quite got to launch, this was an amazing build! With a gorgeous color palette and a beautiful and multicolor gradient overlay in the video header, the Iris Medicine website is still one of my favorites. The gradient border effect for some of the accents were also challenging to get just right, but they looked amazing.

Petco Animal Supplies

Petco, 2020

In my first role after completing my certification program, I joined the team at Petco for an ambitious undertaking – a rebrand and refresh of the eCommerce website. Using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), we rebuilt the structure of the website and added fresh new imagery to complement the redesign.

Selected Projects

We Are Diverse Creators

Volumen Technologies, 2020

As a part of a fellowship with Volumen Technologies, I was invited to collaborate with a distributed team to build and customize the website for We Are Diverse Creators’ Virtual Summit. I assisted with the organization and compilation of resources and assets to be used for the event website and made updates as needed to launch this beautiful website!

Simulated image of a computer screen with the window showing the website for We Are Diverse Creators
Simulated image of a computer screen with the window showing the website for Omnifood


Self-directed learning, 2019

This was an awesome tutorial project I built while learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript & JQuery. I loved building out the image gallery section with the hover effect. I also really loved the layout and design of the hero header, so I used what I learned here and applied that to building my first portfolio site.

Magic 8 Ball

Self-directed learning, 2019

I built this fun little project to test out some JavaScript! Using event listers and functions to show text, this Magic 8 Ball will answer your query only once a question has been entered. I’m still modifying this one to improve code and functionality, but I eventually want to customize it further with more animations.

Simulated image of a computer screen with the window showing the website for Magic 8 Ball

Batter Up!

Baseball Hack Day, 2019

My first time participating in a Hack Day! Our team won 2nd place for San Diego. While we didn’t get to build it out, we were thrilled that the concept won. Our team created an app that follows batting order to notify you when your team (or favorite player) is at bat! We had only a few hours but I helped design and wireframe the app.

Current Projects

Some development and design topics I am actively working on learning:

Developing webistes with Drupal


Past Experience

In addition to my tech experience, my past roles have provided me with a multifaceted skillset. Past careers include:

Web Content Producer

Administrative Assistant

Client-Facing Services & Retail

Volunteer Work

I love to volunteer with local chapters of organizations such as:

Women Who Code


Girls in Tech

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